Friday, September 6, 2013

the ACTUAL best sports movies

Whenever I see a "best sports movies" list, they are inevitably male-centric and not my personal favorites. I think a great sports movie has to be a great movie, period, and be so for both genders and all races. With that in mind, the ACTUAL best sports movies (for me) are...

10. Mighty Ducks 2
9. Remember the Titans
8. The Wrestler
7. Bend it like Beckham
6. Cool Runnings
5. A League of their Own
4. Million Dollar Baby
3. Karate Kid (original)
2. Raging Bull/Rocky (tie)
1. The Cutting Edge

I didn't include any dance movies because I feel like that is its own genre. Still there is no sports movie better than Cutting Edge. That is all.
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