Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globe TV should/will

Best Television Series (Drama) - The Good Wife/Mad Men

Everyone loves Weiner.

Best Actress (Drama) - Julianna Margulies/Julianna Margulies

I think if Sons had a wider audience, Sagal would take it, but I think this is Margulies' award.

Best Actor (Drama) - Jon Hamm/Hugh Laurie

Bryan Cranston literally has no more room in his house for awards, and Hamm deserves it, but I think everyone misses Laurie. The man gives good speech.

Best TV Series (Comedy) - The Big Bang Theory/Modern Family

Just a personal taste thing.

Best Actress (Comedy) - Tina Fey/Laura Linney

This is tough, because I only watch 30 Rock and The Big C, but I believe Liz Lemon exists. So...

Best Actor (Comedy) - Jim Parsons/Jim Parsons

I also believe Sheldon exists and that his seat is sacred.

Best Miniseries/Made-for-TV movie - The Pillars of the Earth/?

I'm sure The Pillars of the Earth does not, in fact, deserve it over its fellow nominees, but it's the only one I've seen, and I'd like Starz to get some credit for the sheer unadulterated joyful madness of its programming over the last few years.

Best Actress (Miniseries) - Romola Garai/Claire Danes

Romola was a fantastic Emma.

Best Actor (Miniseries) - Idris Elba/Carlos Ramirez

I've only seen Luther, and Idris Elba is spectacular, but I've heard great things about Ramirez.

Best Supporting Actress - Julia Stiles/Sofia Vergara

I think everyone thinks Sofia is overdue.

Best Supporting Actor - Scott Caan/Eric Stonestreet

I know people are thinking Colfer for this, but I don't buy it. Anyway, really Scott Caan's hair deserves the award. Love me some Caan.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Golden Globe movies should/will

Best Motion Picture (Drama) -- Black Swan/The Social Network
I've seen all these movies, and I really take issue with The Social Network's structure. Moreover, it's ultimately a lawsuit movie. I love Sorkin, but I think the film's overrated.

Best Actress (Drama) - Natalie Portman/Natalie Portman

I've only seen two of these, so this is probably unfair, but Natalie (who I formerly loathed and will probably loathe again) killed it.

Best Actor (Drama) - Ryan Gosling/Colin Firth

Again, I saw all these movies, and it's a tight race, but Ryan singing "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love" trumps everything else.

Best Motion Picture (Comedy) - The Kids are All Right/The Kids are All Right


Best Actress (Comedy) - Annette Bening/Annette Bening

Again. Please. Emma was great, but she was in a mildly-better-than-average high school movie. And Julianne Moore should be in supporting.

Best Actor (Comedy) - ?/?

I saw none of these, so...

Best Supporting Actress - Helena Bonham Carter/Melissa Leo

This is tough. I saw everything but Animal Kingdom. I think Melissa Leo has it locked, but I loved HBC in a surprising but inspired casting choice.

Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale/Christian Bale

In any other year, Rush would have it in the bag, but Christian Bale tore himself apart for this role, so it's no contest.

Best Animated Film - Toy Story 3/Toy Story 3

I only saw Toy Story 3 of these five, but I would bet my firstborn on this one.

I'm gonna skip Best Foreign Language Film because I didn't see any of them.

Best Director - Christopher Nolan/David Fincher

I thought there were a lot of flaws with Inception, but you've got to be impressed with how Nolan mastered all the technical madness.

Best Screenplay - 127 Hours/The Social Network

Do you know how hard it is to make a movie about a guy trapped in a cave and have it be utterly captivating? No, because Beaufoy and Boyle made it look easy with their insanely great script.

I'm gonna skip the music stuff too as I'm not really qualified. I'll post my TV predictions and feelings later.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glynn Turman: An Appreciation

I'm (belatedly) finishing the first season of In Treatment. Near the end, Glynn Turman, best known (by me) as Colonel Taylor on A Different World, plays Alex Prince Sr., the father of regular patient Alex (Blair Underwood). Turman is perfect. Everything about his performance, his voice, his mannerisms, hell, his gaze makes you believe that this is Blair Underwood's dad, who has been described over the course of the previous six weeks. To so completely fulfill a character sketch like that is both rare and deeply impressive.

After sobbing through his first big episode, I thought, "God, Turman totally deserved an Emmy." And guess what? He did get an Emmy for it. So sometimes everything falls into place.
In summing up, I wish I had some kind of affirmative message to leave you with. I don't. Would you take two negative messages?
-- Woody Allen