Monday, November 26, 2007

Leftovers and such

My friend from high school, E, is killer with the foodstuffs, particularly the pumpkin chocolate chip bread she sent me home with - and I've managed not to devour it! Really had a splendid Saturday Thanksgiving feast at her gorgeous San Jose apartment, but a six hour drive was not joy-inducing. If my sister hadn't come with me across the country, I doubt I would have made Ohio. It's friggin awful alone.
But of the little I saw of it, San Jose was pretty cool. It's a pretty low key place for a population of near a mil.
Bought some Xmas gifts on Santana Row, which I can ill afford, but whatev.
I wanted to go to the Winchester Mystery House, but I'd have to take out another loan to afford the ticket.
Was without laptop for three days. Painful. Especially since I just started watching Once and Again on Youtube. Soapiness, thy name is -- well, that show.

Let's compare Billy Campbell then to Billy Campbell now in The 4400.

Rick Sammler v. Jordan Collier. Discuss.
Have a free ticket to go see Grace is Gone at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills tomorrow night. Excitement!

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The Hotel Swank said...

hey i love when you give me little shout outs in ur glad im the reason you survived ur trip across country...and honestly it was kind of spectacular that we barely fought! i miss you...i lost my job coming out in feb is kind of up in the air!!! im sorry baby

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