Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Joshua Tree, Palm Springs

Boy did I pack in a lot yesterday. Had a physical, finally using my health insurance. Lumps in my breast, apparently, so everyone knock on wood and cross their fingers that it's just like sand or something that got in there and not the c-word (either of them).

After that, I took Smita and Cornelia to Joshua Tree in my crazy large Toyota Avalon rental. The car's a friggin' boat and it scares the Mahatma out of me. Ironically, the standard Enterprise car is a Chevy Aveo, but I got a free upgrade (that I would have preferred not to have) to the damn Avalon. My grandparents have this car. It is intimidating.

Anyhow, Joshua Tree was cool. Nothing in bloom. Lots of crazy rock stackings. Gorgeous view of the San Andreas Fault. But it's the Mojave. It's desert. And it's not African desert. It's desolate Eastern California desert.

But I got to see the windmill farms. Super-cool during the day. Kinda thought they might turn into zombie monsters and attack us in formation on the way back.

Went to Palm Springs for dinner. Ate at Boscoso. My friends are vegetarians, I am not, and each one of us had the BEST Italian food ever. It was so good I wanted to cry, and all I had was your basic spaghetti and meatballs. Cannot recommend it enough. You know, if you're already out there.

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