Friday, April 30, 2010

the oil spill

When we play Russian roulette with our eco systems like we do with every offshore oil rig, we're not just biding our time until we mutilate our environment, we're also taking huge chances with the economies that depend on those environments. The Gulf's economy, what's left of it, is going to get screwed nine ways to Sunday by this spill. Even if you don't care about wildlife and think God put other living creatures on this planet for us to slaughter willy-nilly whether for food or fun, you should at least care about the way the spill is going to hurt the fishing and tourism industries. No one wants to swim in a wasteland or eat Maine lobster in the Big Easy. Anytime we put the environment in danger, we put ourselves in danger, period. So stop sneering at clean energy, Republicans, and understand that it's not just foreign oil we'd be smartest to stop depending on, but all oil. At the end of the day, offshore drilling is NOT worth the inevitable (and this spill was inevitable) price.

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