Sunday, June 13, 2010

the 'wood and update

Yesterday I took the subway (uneventfully, thank God) to the new W hotel at Hollywood and Vine. It's pretentious and pretty, so it works for that area I guess. My friend's in town for a bachelorette weekend and they're holing up there. We had lunch at Kitchen 24 and passed about a million World Cup fans at various bars shrieking and hollering. This was an hour before the England-USA game. So that was odd.

Have read some good books lately. Love my new apartment in West Toluca Lake, except for the screechy bed upstairs (I don't think they're getting down every night--I think the bed is just old and needs some oil or something). All my fellowships but one are done. Finally have DirecTv hooked up. And my white whale, a bookcase I bought secondhand and have been unable to put back together for over a week now, is sitting in my lovely bedroom taunting me like a professional.

In other news, Betty White is everywhere. One wonders if there isn't a Betty White clone or if future robots/aliens haven't infiltrated us, all looking like Betty White. We would be sitting ducks.

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