Saturday, November 13, 2010

Question of the hour:

So I saw a vanity plate today that said Water Bunny. Okay, it was missing a few letters, but that was what it was supposed to be. I don't get it. What's a water bunny? Is it like a beach bunny, but one who spends all her time in the ocean? How would you know she's a "bunny" then? You're not seeing the bikini, she's not playing volleyball or tanning, or any typical "bunny" activity.

Also, where does the expression beach bunny even come from? Does it have something to do with the Playboy bunny? Is it because bunnies are supposedly cute, and the girls lounging at the beach remind people of cute, little rabbits hopping around? I don't understand the original term, so this variation is even more confusing. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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See Elle Oh said...

I don't know, but I found this post about something called a "Water Bunnie" which is supposedly for disposal of sanitary napkins in the UK. Umm, yeah:

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