Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas spirit

So I live in an apartment building, and I have a parking space. This is not a dream parking space. It's a tight fit in an alley between my apartment building and the one next door. It is next to the (currently overflowing) garbage and recycling bins and right in front of our laundry room. There is no entrance to the apartment building next to us, so I'm not blocking any of them, but sometimes people in my apartment get irritated because they have to squeeze to get to the laundry. I have a compact car. There's only so much I can do.

But it's a parking space.

And now I don't have it. Apparently, the apartment building next door decided I was parking on a foot of their property, and, in the grand tradition of Christmas goodwill and sharing, put up cement posts in my parking spot while I was at work. Without any kind of prior notification or convo about it. My landlord just found out about this today. Classy.

Now this apartment next door has a real parking garage under their building and cannot possibly get any use from this space. It might be a little easier for the DirecTV guy to put a satellite on their roof or for their energy consumption to be checked, but that's really it. Also, my landlords have been using this space for parking for something like 30-40 years without an issue.

The amount of space between the posts and the cabinet on the right is what they get. Seriously. Basically it accomplishes nothing but putting me out.


Merry Christmas! I'd keep writing but I parked so far away I have to leave now to get to my car in time to go to work tomorrow.


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