Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I love right now

My old virus-riddled laptop cracked at the hinges and became a desktop, so I finally had to suck it up and buy a new laptop. Got a 14-inch Acer Aspire Timeline X (or something like that), and I love it. Less than $500, and it's like an Ultrabook, but with a DVD player. The sound could be better, or I'm just not using it right, and I kind of hate Windows 8, but overall having a great experience with my new computer. Watched the HBO version of Mildred Pierce recently. So good. Sit-ups. I do those now. Cashews and Chobani yogurt (not together). I eat those now. Gavin DeGraw. Went to see him at the Greek, and he's both a very solid performer and, strangely enough, funny. Like, really funny. Not having any more payments on my car. At last, the piece of junk is all mine.

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In summing up, I wish I had some kind of affirmative message to leave you with. I don't. Would you take two negative messages?
-- Woody Allen