Monday, April 29, 2013

more awesome things

Very Mary Kate is hi-larious, and with three seasons under its belt Burning Love continues to be amazing.

Kazakhstan. I know, 'cause I read Apples are from Kazakhstan. Now I want to go to Kazakhstan. Which brings the number of people in America without family from Kazakhstan who have heard of Kazakhstan and want to go there up to one.

Couch-to-5k. I mean, I'm only halfway through, but I've stuck with it and didn't die. Basically, that's magic.

Hawaiian Airlines for having an under-$800 RT fare to Auckland from LA. So guess where I'm going for my 30th birthday???!!!

Larabars. Particularly, coconut cream pie and the Jocolat chocolate hazelnut. No added sugar. Crack. I've never eaten so many dates in my life (get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean).

Rectify. Aden Young is like soft serve ice cream and fireworks and the shawl your grandma knit you and the devil priest from Carnivale all in one. Trust.

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