Thursday, June 4, 2009

the other Manhattan

Manhattan Beach lies just south of El Segundo here in sunny Southern California. I spent Tuesday night there, had dinner at the Kettle, walked the pier with my shivering friend, and then had spectacular ice cream at the Manhattan Beach Creamery. It's beautiful there and you can park in the library parking lot after 6 without any grief. I then finished the second season of Californication, fittingly, at my friend's house in Venice.

Things are going well in the early development phase of my Gothic musical short that should be going into production sometime in August, knock on wood, cross your fingers, et cetera.

Am reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I think I know a plot twist, and it's taking it's sweet time getting there. But it is a sweet time. So we'll see how it goes.

June gloom finally broke today, and it was very lovely. So I went to get my eyes examined. My left eye is practically useless. Sigh.

Started a sketch writing class. Fascinating. I do so hate not being the funniest person there. I just have to remember: 'tis a class, not a competition.

I think that satisfied my update quota. If I think of anything later, it may dissipate into the void as I am currently laptopless and am sneaking this blog in on my roommate's Mac. TTFN.

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