Friday, July 24, 2009

San Fran Day 3

So after two days of not taking the cable car, I took the cable car to the edge of the Haight and then took a bus down Haight Street. I went to Booksmith and then to Zazie, this adorable little restaurant on Cole Street named after one of my most favorite recent reads. I ate a single gingerbread pancake with lemon curd on it that I scraped off, then I walked over to Golden Gate Park. I was going to stop myself from starving by eating chicken McNuggets at the McDonald's that kind of ruins the Haight vibe, but approximately 1,000 teens got in my way. I walked through the park to the Conservatory of Flowers, which is gorgeous, though kind of small on the inside. After that, I went to the de Young art museum, which I really enjoyed, except that everyone was there for the Tut exhibit. So I skirted them and looked at the creepy Mayan and African pieces and the view from the tower. By then I'd walked a lot and my feet, already in a crappy mood, decided that the Exploratorium just across the way was too expensive, and I was too tired to deal.
So then I took the long way through the lawn bowling part of the park back to McDonald's, ate, and grabbed another bus.
On the way back I stopped at Miette in the Hayes Valley for some macarons. Swung by Great Books Symposium, which isn't necessary if you're not taking a class there. Back in the Financial District, I bought a magazine, postcards and the most amazing chocolate ever (Michel Cluizel's champignons) at Fog City News. Then I had supper at the Millennium Tower (killer burger, sexy bartender, great friend to hang with) and then flew back to LA.

San Francisco rocks, but it turns out all that heat and exercise and long hair gave me a neck fungus, so...

No, seriously, it was awesome. You should go.

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