Monday, September 28, 2009

Earth, Wind, and Fire's favorite month...

is almost over.

I read quite a few books this summer, which was nice, went to Argentina and San Francisco, convinced my sister to come visit me (two weeks from now), got into the Nickelodeon Writer's Script Review, and took a sketch writing class at UCB. Good work, me. But I didn't finish as many pieces of writing as I would have liked, my musical stalled, and my knees are really creaky, which is indicative of me sitting on my butt too much.

So fall goals:

Read more books I own, stop taking things out of the library. Suite Francaise is just getting resentful.

Finish my film script, even if it sucks, and move onto something new.

Do stand-up.

Play tennis, hike, and/or spend a little time at the track now that it's, hopefully, not boiling hot anymore.

Try not to murder my sister when she comes or my father when I go to Vegas for Thanksgiving.

Win the lottery. Or be more frugal. I clearly don't have to do both.

Try not to lose all my new socks.

Keep my Halloween junk food consumption low. Managing to make it through September without eating any Halloween candy or treats is really an accomplishment for me. Honestly.

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