Wednesday, November 18, 2009

every time...

I "follow" someone on Twitter, I get that song from Sister Act stuck in my head. Blogging is, as such, a safer "art" form.

Lately, in part as a form of procrastinating not working on things I should be working on, I've been outlining and writing a "children's" novel, which, at the end of the day, may be more or less YA. Or not at all. But there are volcanoes and garbage collectors and astronomy programs gone to hell, so it's a fun time.

I'm in the middle of two short story collections written by women, and they're fantastic. I'm not, generally, a serious fan of short stories, but these are quite good, though in entirely different ways.

I know people hate Amazon for a lot of excellent reasons, but buying music from them is a pleasure and, by and large, far cheaper than buying music from the iTunes store. That 30 cents means something to me, okay?

I don't care if raw cookie dough will kill me. I'm eating it anyway.

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-- Woody Allen