Friday, November 6, 2009

geeky Friday night in Hollywood

So finally went to Umami Burger in Hollywood tonight with my roommate. Had the truffle burger, Mexican coke, and a Cake Monkey cakewich (and shared fries). All delish, though I don't feel a driving need to ever go back.

Then we went to the All Space Considered lecture at the Griffith Observatory. Totally fascinating and informative. The main speaker was Dr. Don Lincoln, an expert on the LHC, who just wrote a book about it called The Quantum Frontier--very articulate and just as patient with the physics lunkheads in the crowd as with the know-it-all douches sitting next to me. The lecture curators were also really well-spoken and talked us through a recent ARES test launch and the "ribbon" at the edge of the solar system. Also, there was an almost painfully cute baby in the crowd.

And now I leave you with this amazing rap video about everything going on at CERN. As the French would say, incroyable.

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

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lincoln said...

Thanks for the feedback. I always hope the audience likes the presentation.

Don Lincoln

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-- Woody Allen