Sunday, September 18, 2011


Dream winners:

Best Drama: The Good Wife. I love FNL, but I think it missed its shot.

Best Comedy: Since neither Community or Louie is on the ballot, it's either Parks & Recreation or Big Bang Theory for me.

Best Actor, Drama: Can't we just give it to Bryan Cranston anyway? Really, no? Jon Hamm's gonna get it, but that's only because I don't think anyone remembers Hugh Laurie STILL has never won an Emmy for House.

Best Actress, Drama: Julianna Margulies.

Best Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons has his Emmy, he didn't do anything spectacular last season, so he's not gonna get it, and neither will Galecki. Carell doesn't really need it, but he'll probably get it. LeBlanc has no shot in hell, though he MAKES Episodes. Louie C.K. deserves it for this current season, not the last one, but I'd like him to get it anyway.

Best Actress, Comedy: I'm split between Amy and Martha. I love them both so.

Supporting Actor, Drama: Alan Cumming.

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Since no one from Parks or Community got the nod (A CRIME), Ty Burrell.

Supporting Actress, Comedy: No one from Cougar Town? Jesus, come on. I don't care.

Supporting Actress, Drama: I like Archie Punjabi.

Writing for a Comedy: The Office or Louie.

Writing for a Drama: FNL. It won't get it, but a girl can dream.

Lead Actress in a miniseries: Since I didn't see Mildred Pierce, I'm gonna assume Downton Abbey owns the miniseries part of the awards, and rightly so. But I'm guessing Kate Winslet takes it from McGovern.

Lead Actor in a miniseries: Idris Elba, Luther, must, must.

Supporting Actor, miniseries: I didn't see any of these, but I never bet against Brian F. O'Byrne.

Supporting Actress, miniseries: No clue. I had assumed Michelle Dockery or Ruth Wilson would be nominated here or in lead. So whatever.

Miniseries or movie: Downton Abbey.

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