Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Francisco

I've been too busy to write this post, but about two weeks ago I spent a long weekend in San Francisco and had a great time.

Awesome stuff:

Coit Tower.

Holy shit is that a trek. At this point, we didn't realize how many stairs we STILL had to go up to get to Coit. I was ready to vomit.

Still, it's satisfying to get to the top. Little tip: the elevator up is more exciting then the actual top of the tower, which has tiny high plastic-covered windows and isn't architecturally interesting. The view from the base is better.
A view of the Bay Bridge:

View of the Transamerica building:

San Francisco Street Food Festival in the Mission. I had the Fennel Crusted Chicken Sandwich from Skillet Street Food and it may be the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. Trust. I also finished my friend's Sweet Potato Pie Waffle from Pinx with pleasure.

Mehfil Indian Cuisine in SoMa. The murag makhni was the living end.

San Francisco lawyers. My college roommate who lives in SF is very sweet, but no one has the right to have such a large coterie of awesome friends who are also lawyers. It's kind of unfair.

Russian sailors in town. I was at a Starbucks, and this was taken through a glass window, hence the smudge on the sailor on the left, who looks 14.

The Ferry Building. I didn't take much stock in it last time, but I went again this visit (during normal hours) and had a great time.

Other stuff:

Humphrey Slocombe in the Mission. I got the brown butter ice cream (yes, having tasted it) and malted milk chocolate, and, yes, the texture was great and the flavors were interesting. But I'd rather the flavors were, you know, yummy then interesting.

Umbria in SoMa. We had eaten A LOT of bread and cheese beforehand (courtesy of Acme and Cowgirl from the Ferry Building), so I couldn't bring myself to partake in the delicious-looking bread basket. But I did get a plate of pasta, specifically Pennette Al'Arrabbiata. Now spicy food doesn't bother me. I get hot salsa, I eat spicy Indian food, I am unfazed. This Arrabbiata almost killed me. So order something else or bring a fire engine, because I'm the only warning you're getting.

House of Air. Organized trampolining. It is fun for, like, five minutes. Then some kid breaks his nose and bleeds everywhere and NO ONE cleans it up. But you get a little rubber bracelet out of it, which I like. It's located near Crissy Field, so at least I got this shot.

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