Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My first roommate from college to get married sure set the bar high. She looked amazing, married a guy she's been with for almost 8 years, had the ceremony at Grace Episcopal in Old Saybrook, followed by a sweet reception at the Water's Edge in Westbrook. The stuff of yuppie dreams. But, seriously, it was truly classy.

This is the first time travel has knocked me this hard. I feel like my head is going to crack in half. Gah.

I normally don't talk about what I work on, but we're doing this Canadian show that's their equivalent of Baywatch, but with no bathing suits that is hilarious. If only all our shows were Canadian Baywatch, I would complain loads less.

To do tomorrow: read rest of NA's manuscript, go get my car damage estimate for the second time, do about 5 hours of freelance work, see 17 Again, try to do something resembling exercise, work on a script idea, edit my own book, finish Le Clezio book, grocery shop...

Anyone want to take bets on how much of that's gonna happen?

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