Wednesday, April 29, 2009

done and doner

I got a ridiculous amount of crap from service professionals today. Went to get my estimate at this teensy auto repair shop--so teensy in fact that I drove right past it. On the way back I almost jumped the curb because this place has the most absurd parking lot design I've ever seen. It's one building with two doors. In front of each side are parking spaces. In the middle is a giant tree. The driveway is where the tree is. It's absurd. The guy at the shop made fun of me and asked me if I normally have an SUV. Then when I got dinner and wanted to get my food sans mayo, I got grief about that too. Seriously, not liking mayo and having trouble parking around a frigging tree are perfectly legitimate things. Frazzak.

I got about half my list done. More than I expected.

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-- Woody Allen