Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what's with the Coldplay v. Radiohead jokes?

Okay, so I have to preface this by saying I do not watch Hannah Montana. Really, I don't. But my roommate does on occasion, and sometimes I don't have the energy to leave the room. Recently, there was an episode where Hannah's two friends had a fight that was partly about one of them loving Coldplay more than Radiohead. And guess what? Last night on My Boys, two guys fought over Coldplay v. Radiohead AGAIN!

Seriously? This is a discussion? I mean, I get it. Your average, music-loving guy doesn't want to admit they like Coldplay. Coldplay is romantic, and Coldplay was a bit cheesy back in the day. More to the point, and I've said this before, they sounded like they were U2 imitators. But let's face it. Viva la Vida proved us Coldplayer haters wrong. They're a great band. And they're nothing like Radiohead. I mean, yes, they're both from the British Isles, and yes, they're both popular and play music that could be categorized in the same genre, but it's not similar really at all, so comparing them is an exercise in lameness.

So, yeah, you can love both. Now let's move on to TV that's fascinating because it scares the Mahatma Gandhi out of you. Last night, I switched between Life After People (great concept, boring execution last night) and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, which was just the scariest thing. I had no idea you could NOT KNOW you were pregnant, unless you were Peggy Olson and deluding yourself. As far as LAP goes, I didn't know about the chip with human DNA on the International Space Station. I didn't realize anyone thought it was important or even possible to try to recreate humanity after we wipe ourselves out. As far as I'm concerned, species get one shot. You bring something back and Jurassic Park happens. No good. It is sad to think that everything will revert, but it does make me feel better about the possibility of NOT being the most successful writer ever. Anyhow. Two shows good to scare and entrance you at the same time, like a Stephen King movie.

Btw, I'm in CT, and it's quite brisk. Gah.

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