Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally being nomadic again--any suggestions on Argentinean activites?

So I've been working super-hard and, combined with my friend's decision to spend the next month in Buenos Aires, I bought a ticket today. I'll be taking spectacularly inexpensive Aeromexico to Buenos Aires on the 19th (getting in the 20th) of this month, and then coming back late on the 26th (arriving on the 27th) for super-cheap thanks to my American miles (having to pay taxes on that is bull, btw), via Miami. I was tempted to spend a little more and go with LAN, which would mean a layover in Peru. But my cheapness won out.

My friend is staying in Palermo Viejo, which is exciting. I'm particularly excited about going to Colonia, which is in Uruguay and a hop, skip, and a ferry ride away from BA. Three countries in seven days (and possibly flying over the Andes?)! I could not be more excited if I tried.

If anyone has been and has suggestions of what to do, or if anyone wants to donate to the Kati goes to Buenos Aires cause, please comment below. Gracias!

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