Monday, January 4, 2010

41 is not 100

I finished reading 41 books last year. That doesn't include (a lot of) scripts, short stories, interviews, or books I partly read, but it does include books I started before 2008 and didn't finish until 2009. In any event, it's way less than 100. In any event, I have 717 books on my to-read list. A few of these are more "to own" reference books, but there's still well over 600 books I want to read, plus 16 in my so-called "currently reading" list. I've heard of people reading 100+ books in a year, and if I want to make a significant dent in my to-read list, which I do, I think I should shoot for 100 as well. Anything to take my mind off how little a dent I've put in my student or car loans.

So 100 books means 8 or 9 books a month. I have yet to finish a single book this year, so, along with my not-insignificant work and life goals, I have my work cut out for me. I think the first two books will be Homage to Catalonia and A Short History of Myth, then probably Water Babies, Shah of Shahs, and whatever the library sends me first from my holds list. That means I should read at least one of the many unread books I have at home. Since the Australian Open's coming up, that may mean Agassi's bio, Open. Can't wait!


Maize said...

Umm, you're putting me to shame with all this 100 books talk. My goal is 15!! Last year, I read 10!!!! (Well, ok, I had a lot of school reading to do, but clearly mandated reading hasn't stopped you.)

Good luck, I think you can do it!!! :-)

(and yes, I'm surprised your to-read "shelf" hasn't collapsed...)

Little Miss Nomad said...

I make the mistake of reading literary-oriented blogs and found a bunch of people who read or try to read 100 books a year. It's a mammoth undertaking that I would have done with the greatest of ease as a kid. I think school reading counts, though.

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