Friday, July 2, 2010

conditions of the body, soul, living quarters

I have accepted my enemy as he is and decided to keep him close. My secondhand bookshelf that would not come together perfectly I have decided to keep and use in its unfinished condition. Three out of four screws will suffice, and the heavy books will go at the bottom. No fragile objects.

Saw Over Her Dead Body, which is a terrible movie for a variety of reasons. Something about Lake Bell's hair was particularly unpleasant. But I did like the talking bird at the end.

Also Toy Story 3 (and the short that came before). Simply fantastic. Best Animated Picture winner. Calling it now.

My friend who lives in Long Beach came up today and we talked for hours and ate food at restaurants I hadn't been to. I found a bed at Urban Habitat that I will buy when I win the lottery. It's crazy ornate, but I love it. My throat is sore from the unfamiliarity of talking so much, which is nice. Considering my roommate's gone till the 10th and I'll be alone till Wednesday night, having a friend around really helped.

Since I was a teenager, I've had this skin condition where my upper arms are quite bumpy because of an overproduction of keratin. The condition's called keratosis pilaris, and it's supposedly not uncommon, but I've never seen anyone with it. It's just a mild cosmetic issue, nothing too awful, but, boy, little, unalterable physical flaws have a way of breaking down your self-esteem in such a way that you sort of give up on the whole. I try to be healthy (and fail), but the idea of outer beauty is a real problem for me because of all these relatively insignificant but very present flaws like the KP that, even if I was slim and glistening, will never completely go away. I KNOW plenty of people have worse problems in their lives, but it's kind of a mind-fuck anyhow, I got to say.

Working on some ideas. Reading a billion things at once. C'est normal.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and for those of you working like me, I have you in my heart.

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