Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween dreams

I had this atrocious dream last night that I was in some kind of party/toy store where there was a remote control T-rex in some kind of vehicle that was voice-operated by someone else in the store, and it was totally harassing me. So I ran around the store trying to escape from it while everyone in the store conspired to have it come after me, even when I hid in a closet. For some reason, Amy Adams showed up and was like, if anyone's gonna be a wuss and hide in there, it should be me. Her argument did not carry a lot of water.

I also had a weird falling dream where I was in the many thousand-mile long race along mountains and I (third-person me, I think) slid down a mountain and my estranged father (played by Tim Daly in this dream) came down after me, and we had hit the part where we were falling slowly through this icy landscape instead of sliding, and this guy had also chucked him off the mountain to save us, but he brought a stretch of fabric that, when he reached us (gravity impossibility), we'd grab one side and he'd grab the other, and it made a parachute. So we lived. I don't remember anything after that except really connecting with Tim Daly.

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