Wednesday, December 8, 2010

thanks to Walking Dead

I had a dream last night that a group of people and I had finally found our way to a coastal area free of zombies. Suddenly, massive amounts of survivors appeared and their loud presence attracted a literal wave of zombies. They were walking out of the ocean towards us. I started climbing this cliff, no longer afraid of heights, and, as I was waking in a panic, I thought, "Can zombies swim?"

My biggest problem with The Walking Dead, in terms of zombie development, is the explanation of zombies' motor skills. I understand they have to be able to climb stairs and ladders or else escaping zombies would be super easy, but if you start explaining the "science" of zombies, like happened in the finale of this season, you get into murky territory. I've read that, theoretically, zombies wouldn't be able to swim, but since they don't need to breathe, they can walk under water until the water has a degrading effect on the body. So my dream was accurate before my knowledge.

But that still doesn't answer a fundamental question...
Can zombies do jumping jacks?

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