Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot in Studio City

It's rainy here in the San Fernando Valley. My friend Lucy came down from San Francisco. She's never been to a taping so I rustled up some tickets to a taping of Hot in Cleveland. Tapings are fun to a certain extent, but they're long and usually during dinner, and if the show provides food, which HIC did, it's not necessarily appetizing, which it wasn't.
At a taping of a multicamera show, the audience is entertained between takes by a comedian. Thankfully, HIC doesn't employ the same guy I've seen at a bunch of other tapings. This guy was frantic but funny, and at the end he ran a little game where whoever guessed the most number of TV theme songs correctly won their choice of a HIC script signed by the cast (including Betty White) or a sliver of the Wheel of Fortune wheel signed by Sajak. I wasn't one of the first contestants, and I didn't know some of the songs, but someone finally got 30 Rock wrong, and I raised my hand, and he called on me.
And I never got a song wrong after that. Thankfully, all the songs I didn't know eventually said their name in the title, so I got lucky because I didn't answer until it came. So I won and I got the script. Because come on. They didn't get a SAG ensemble nod for nothing. Also, when the Friends song played, I did the hand clap, and the comedian then made me do it, like, two more times.

Also, we had lunch at Hatfield's. Rec'd.

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