Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glynn Turman: An Appreciation

I'm (belatedly) finishing the first season of In Treatment. Near the end, Glynn Turman, best known (by me) as Colonel Taylor on A Different World, plays Alex Prince Sr., the father of regular patient Alex (Blair Underwood). Turman is perfect. Everything about his performance, his voice, his mannerisms, hell, his gaze makes you believe that this is Blair Underwood's dad, who has been described over the course of the previous six weeks. To so completely fulfill a character sketch like that is both rare and deeply impressive.

After sobbing through his first big episode, I thought, "God, Turman totally deserved an Emmy." And guess what? He did get an Emmy for it. So sometimes everything falls into place.

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Jo-An said...

I totally agree, he is one of our premiere veteran actors of our time and truly deserved the Emmy Award for this performance and several other awards for outstanding work throughout the years. He should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.

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