Wednesday, November 5, 2008

inverted silver linings and such

It feels like a dream, doesn't it? Obama's win. It's too beautiful a thing that I keep readying myself to wake up. All day, I've been in a low-calorie haze of disbelief. I knew he should be voted in, but for it to happen so effortlessly at the end, for it to be a LANDSLIDE, was just too much.

Of course, reality is, this beautiful state with its beautiful 55 electoral votes to our President-Elect also managed, despite a smart, passionate, but fair ad campaign against it, to approve Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage. I find this astounding. I know the OC is a bastion of rich conservatives and that there's a healthy Catholic population thanks to the Hispanic contingent, but I never thought that they were enough to pass this horrifying and presumable unconstitutional piece of legislation. Our ads made it clear that it's not about religious beliefs, which should never come into matters of law, but about civil rights. Stunning that.

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