Saturday, November 1, 2008

open letter, part 4

Dear Peter Tolan,

Look at me. I've missed the whole point, haven't I? That's okay. Consider the first three parts character development. Now we get to the point--why I want to work on your show.

I love risk-taking stories that care more about relationship and the organic, committed building of a world than contrived special events and arbitrary coupling-up and tearing apart. Ferocity and spirit are rare in television. You, Perry, Showtime, Rochester? That's some drama I want to be a part of. I know I haven't earned baby writer status just yet, but I'm smart as hell, cool as hell frozen over, and one hungry, original, awesome, generous, spirited, and did I mention tall before? woman.

Oh, and bonus: I have an eye for detail that really pisses people off. Who likes being told that they forgot about a character, didn't resolve a situation, or resurrected an object in Act 4 that was broken in Act 2? No one, but I don't mind being that person. It's for the good of the story, for the integrity of the show, and nothing matters more than treating the audience like they deserve the best.


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