Thursday, January 15, 2009

good news

I may still be coughing like my body hates my lungs and wants to deport them, but there IS good news.

First, Watchmen will be released! Hooray!

Second, interning from home seems to have released creative brain cells that were lolling away on some neurological hammock. I have a great idea for a spec for an existing show and just started writing a spec sitcom pilot. Ooh-rah!

Third, the two times I've been to the library this week, I found movies that I wanted to see but wasn't willing to pay money for just waiting to be watched. And I watched them. And it was totally worth it. Hell, it was probably worth a dollar to watch each one, but I paid nothing! Yay!

Fourth, a guy who works at Blockbuster fist bumped me the other day and told my friend that I was amazing because I knew about The Sea Inside and used it to try to explain that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was not the best movie to rent if you're looking for something "light."

Four things is enough. Now I'm going to go to bed and piss off my roommates by rattling the walls with my bitch-ass cough.

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-- Woody Allen