Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm posting a bit less because I'm busy and tired and etc. I am watching the episode of Top Chef where they vote off delovely Fabio. So depressed. I just noticed Jeff works at "Dilido." Who named that place?
I for real want to go to Cafe Firenze. Fabio for Governor!

I'm going to Boulder Tuesday for a few days for "business." Am excited...but just realized that it's going to be mad cold.

So I'm on Twitter now. My slug/alias/ID is Katerbee. If you're missing me, I'm more likely to post something quick and stupid there. I can't blog unless I have meat to give. Twitter posts are spittle.

I wanna go to New Orleans.

Also, as far as the Oscars go, I was all-around pleased. I wish Peter Gabriel had been around, but everything went as it ought. And I like the new format.

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