Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dark Knight

Finally, finally saw The Dark Knight. A lot of people love it without reservation. I liked it a lot. It's true, Heath Ledger's performance was all that and the kitchen sink. A total transformation. I truly believed he was someone else. But let's be honest about the movie as a whole. It goes on way too long. The beginning with our dear blue-eyed Cillian Murphy was 110% unnecessary. The ending was also a drag. A long drag. The ferry thing could have been bigger, more aggressive. And why was Harvey killed off? That's a whole other movie. The problem, really, was that this was two movies in one and there were too many "big" scenes. Too much action.
Also, Batman is something of a bore. We care more about the villains. It's no good. I'm starting to grow impatient with Christian Bale's movies. He either is attracted to movies where he's allowed to be remote, or that's all he knows how to do anymore. I love him and don't care about the blow-up, but he's far from a chameleon. I'd like to see him smile and it feel genuine. That would be great. Or be a villain. I feel like he'd have a knack for that.

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