Thursday, June 9, 2011


When people visit me, I make a habit of forcing them to accompany me to all the hip, cool restaurants and places I've been meaning to visit but haven't had the opportunity/balls to go to solo. So when my friend came into town last weekend, we went to Reservoir in Silver Lake for dinner. I had the Cornish hen and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were off the hook, but I have a difficult time mauling tiny birds. Reservoir is right next to L.A. Mill, so we went there afterwards. Luce had some absurdly expensive coffee that actually smelled inviting (and I don't usually like the smell of coffee much), and I had an absurdly expensive, itsy-bitsy brownie sundae that was, for its size, very delicious. I would like to go back to L.A. Mill for breakfast I think.

Saturday we went to brunch downtown at Lazy Ox. Ricotta fritters, boo! Luce liked all her vegetables, but my meal was just so-so. I wasn't bowled over on the whole, but I still am a downtown convert.

Saw X-Men: First Class today. The dialogue was on-and-off, but it held together decently. I did quite enjoy the surprise cameos, and I particularly liked Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee. He could have easily been one of the Weasley brothers if he'd been born in the UK a few years earlier. But how weird was it to see Brendan Fehr as an American XO with, what, one line?

James McAvoy has three people's amount of charm, I swear. It takes a lot to take attention away from Fassbender, but damn. Here's one question. If Charles Xavier has been pressing his fingers to his temple for all those years, why, by the time he's bald, isn't there some sort of imprint there? I feel like the skin would be raw by the start of the millennium.

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