Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm making plans, God's laughing, all's status quo

Hey, losers, I'm lying on my bedroom carpet (it's the color of fossilized excrement), still in my PJs--I'm talking cartoon owl shorts and a Grumpy tee from Disneyland. What are you doing?

I have read 23 books this year, most of them short-ish, when I should be at 41. Gah! Before summer begins in about 20 days, I would like to read five books, i.e., one every four days. This can include art books and/or plays and probably will. I'll also probably read Room, since I just realized my roommate has it. Some people say quality is more important than quantity. But these people don't have reading lists 1,000 books long, so. I'm very attracted to primary colors too. Somewhere along the way I reached such a level of maturity and intellect that my brain and personality collapsed in on themselves and went all neutron star on me. The good news is my brain can't degenerate anymore, if the physics of my metaphor holds up, due to the Pauli exclusion principle.

Going to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA manana then picking up one of my college roommates from the airport. She's coming down from San Francisco to hang out with me for about 36 hours, go on a hike, make a pizza. Weird, right?

I will be going to Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Hawaii, Mexico, Sydney, or Europe this year. Probably two of those places in the next 18 months if it's cheaper/more local places. I'm saving up the cash, and IT WILL happen. If anyone wants to go somewhere, hit me up, we can make plans. This Nomad needs a change of scene.

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