Sunday, June 19, 2011

Though it should be rather obvious from my tweets, here are some things I'm loving now.

Streaming the British sitcom The IT Crowd on Netflix. Amazing. It's like a master class in hilarity. Deadly that there's only 24 episodes and no more coming any time soon (a fifth series is in the works, supposedly, but Graham Linehan isn't rushing it, and a sixth season seems unlikely, blast!), so ration the episodes if you can.

Reading Wells Tower's Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. Short stories that are splendid if random as fuck.

Planning my trip to Europe in November. Spanair had a crazy sale last week, so I'm going to Madrid in November with my middle sister. Trying to decide where else to go while we're there. Lisbon? Malta? Barcelona? Any suggestions would be welcome.

The Great Wall of LA in Sherman Oaks. Not the greatest art ever, but a commendable project. The end of it is two miles from my apartment precisely, so it's a fantastic walk too.

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