Monday, October 1, 2007


That's, like, October and Nobel mashed together. Considering that's the lexical phenomenon of our time, I thought I'd grab the bull by its testes like everyone else (i.e., do something stupid).

Mr. James has relayed his well-stated opinion on who's going to grab the Lit prize. I'm all for (and would not be shocked by) Atwood or Murakami, heck, even Kundera. But Roth? I know everyone thinks he's overdue, but he's SO overrated. Especially since The Plot Against America. McCarthy would be a far better choice, if we're going to hand it to an American, and I think a much more likely candidate for the Swedes to hand it to... but we'll see. I think, look for Atwood to grab it.

Actually, I have no clue. But what the hell.

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