Thursday, October 11, 2007

to telly and back

I know I should give them a bit more time, but at this point I've seen the second episode of all the new shows that have premiered that I actually cared about seeing a second time around. Life, Bionic Woman, and Journeyman just didn't seduce me. I watched Private Practice, but everything about it, particularly the camera work, is just atrocious. I feel bad for most of the actors on that show.

Shows I'll Watch a Third and Fourth Time:
Pushing Daisies -- surprisingly, the second ep lived up to the pilot (maybe dial down the narration a bit though); I'm in it for the time being
Dirty Sexy Money -- it won't go down in history as being an iconic series, but Blair Underwood's coming, and he's the richest man in the world; damn right, I'll watch that
Chuck -- there's an expiration date, and it may be the next episode... but since I can watch it online, and it's not crappy, I'll continue with it
The Big Bang Theory -- it's on in between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men, and while it's not winning any points for subtlety or sensitivity, it's not so bad that I'd change the station... Two and a Half Men, however, feels like its declining in quality.

Returning Shows I'm Into:
Bones is great. Weird, but I dig it.
House -- I'm still unsure about this season; proceed with caution, but I'll keep watching
Brothers and Sisters -- nothing major happening, but I did like how Rob Lowe took that pundit to task for his hate-mongering in last week's episode -- Pushing Daisies isn't half the fairy tale Brothers and Sisters is
Desperate Housewives -- I am concerned Nathan Fillion isn't doing much, and the Gabby-Carlos-Edie fiasco is just so drawn-out, but I'm still watching... for now
Ugly Betty -- I'm not the world's biggest fan, but I like this season so far
30 Rock -- the second season premiere was wildly underwhelming; hope it goes back to form soon
The Office -- love, love, love how they're dealing with Jim and Pam; show's great, supersized episodes can't last forever though
Heroes -- I watch the next day online, waiting for things to hurry up; Monday's episode wasn't bad
Grey's Anatomy -- if tonight's episode is as trite as the last two, I'm done
Damages -- almost over, sadly, but I do forget to watch it some weeks... which doesn't seem to be that big of a deal
Mad Men -- starting to lag, still damn good
Friday Night Lights -- we'll see how the Tyra-Landry debacle goes down in Ep 2. Like Alex Epstein over at Complications Ensue, I think both this story and the Coach Taylor-TMU story could have been handled better, but I'm not saying goodbye anytime soon.

I think that's everything.

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