Friday, October 5, 2007

This can't be true

I hate posting on a rumor, but since something like this will never be confirmed one way or another, I'd like to address the situation.

According to this, Warner Brothers has put the kibosh on all films with female leads because Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman's recent vehicles underperformed.

If that's true, and I honestly wouldn't be shocked if it was, I'll be the first one to boycott WB movies. Most writers in Hollywood are men, and most men write films with male leads. So most pictures have male leads. Which means few pictures have female leads. Which means when one of them bombs, it's a bit more high profile. Which means, if a bunch of them bomb, the easiest answer is to blame it on the female actresses.

Which is bullshit.

Here's the thing: no one didn't see those films because they were anti-Kidman, Foster, or female lead -- I promise you, the day Penelope and Juno (all with female leads) comes out, everyone I know is going to see them -- people didn't go see those movies because the movies looked stupid, unoriginal, and genre-confused . Which is as much the fault of the studios and the producers, directors, and writers they hired to create those crap movies as anything else.

Also The Brave One (sounds like it should star Daniel Day-Lewis with shoulder-length hair and a mohawk) and The Invasion (B-movie coming out of the gate) are lame titles. This isn't 1950. You give a movie a crap name, it's your own damn fault when no one comes.


I took some stupid quizzes, and this is the only result with which I'm pleased.

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