Thursday, October 11, 2007

to whom it may con

For almost everyone I talked to yesterday, October 10th turned out rotten. One of my friends totaled his car, another friend's car broke down, and I forgot my cell phone at home yesterday (and ended up spending half the day driving around the city, trying to rendez-vous with my boss). I didn't have time to eat until after 6pm. At which point I grabbed something small, and then I didn't get to eat actual food until after 8pm.

After I got home I went for a walk because, despite being a crap day, it was also really beautiful, and if I hadn't been so stressed, I would have enjoyed seeing Venice, Mar Vista, and Marina Del Rey yesterday. Culver City left no discernible impression.
Someone had a fire going last night -- I love that smell of burning wood. It smelled like autumn, which is the only way you'd know it was October around here (that and the vast array of Halloween items at every store).

I'm a bit psychologically frail as of late. As soon as I get medical insurance (hopefully, before I'm 25), I'm going to go to every kind of doctor there is to make sure I'm OK. I've only realized recently that my life is not directed by Tim Kring, so I'm probably not indestructible.

West Coat Bialys suck.

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-- Woody Allen