Sunday, July 6, 2008

burning woman

No, not a witch. Just me. (Now, let's be civil and not think unkind things about me, eh?)
I had sort of a Great Gatsby of the West Coast weekend, though not really. No hit-and-runs or anything. But the OC now, I think, really is the Hamptons of then. Though the Hamptons of now is still the Hamptons of then. I don't think people act carelessly and selfishly because they're rich or beautiful. Or at least, I don't think they think "I'm rich and beautiful, so I can pee on a woman's foot." I think they're drunk or high all the time and are very stupid anyways and don't think much. I don't think people in general think much, except of what they have to do to survive, and if they don't have to think about surviving, then they think about what would be nice to do. And if they can't think of anything nice to do, they think of what the thing to do would be, which is to get smashed or wasted and go to the beach and be awful. It's not deliberate malice. That's giving people credit. That's not to say they shouldn't be punished. I think it's just valuable to consider what it comes from. And it comes from people not having a passion for something and not knowing how to have fun while being fully in control of their faculties.

In any event, I followed suit, went to the beach, wore a hat to protect my burn-happy scalp, sunglasses, and put on sunscreen... everywhere around my hips, which was covered all the time, except when I was crouching to work on a sandcastle that kind of looked like an alien spaceship with udders. So in the middle of the night I woke up with this pain around the base of my spine, and holy crap, did I burn a ring around my rosy.

Saw Wall-E. Might it have usurped Monsters, Inc's place in my Pix-elated heart? Perhaps. I imagine it will be hard to outdo such a fine piece of storytelling and animation, but Pixar has a way of conceiving beyond our wildest imaginations. It's just amazing that Wall-E hasn't always existed. It felt like coming home (and yes, I know, there were a few moments of homage, but that's not what I'm talking about).

So Nadal, hmm?

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