Friday, July 11, 2008

last word about AusNTM

So I finally watched the AusNTM finale, which, I don't know why. The show's been rigged from the get-go, and no one gave a fig about models growing and becoming better. Everyone knew Demelza would win. She's gorgeous, sure, but she's young and self-absorbed and doesn't have a lot of variety. Alex, of course, was a poor runner-up compared to a few of the other models. In general, though, my problem is not with the show's eliminations, but with how snarky and cruel the judges were. I mean, no holding back. While Tyra might seem like a fake, ANTM tries to make something more of their models than pretty faces. They at least attempt to acknowledge that there are more important things in the world than mere beauty and knowing how to wear a dress or walk a runway. There's personality, there's the power of being in the public eye, there's grace and social responsibility. And none of the judges seemed to care about such a thing let alone show it. And, boy, did they say something terrible things to the girls, the kinds of things people had the decency to say behind your back in high school or write on your locker. Your locker, not mine.
In any event, I would never want to be on an Australian reality show. Theirs makes ours look positively enlightened by comparison.

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