Thursday, February 7, 2008

but I recall no walrus

Saw Across The Universe last night at friend's in Santa Monica, ordered in Indian from Pradeep (NOT impressed with the rice).
And had some weird Julie Taymor puppet-influenced dream that I think had something to do with pizza and was torture-porn traumatic, but I can't remember the specifics.

Across the Universe
was pretty and such, and the proto-Hendrix, Martin Luther, is all that and a bag of chips, and the infallible Bono was there... but overall, the film didn't impress.
Discussed the Sturgess version of All You Need is Love v. Ewan MacGregor's in Moulin Rouge, which I hated as a movie, but own the soundtrack. I said Sturgess's was better, technically. And that's true. But this was a movie of people singing because they were supposed to do so, not because they wanted to say was so intense that they couldn't just say it, they had to sing it. Ewan's voice cracked with emotion a lot in that movie, and also because his voice, while good, isn't stellar.

I made my second attempt at pumpkin pie. It seems to have burned a bit. So at least it won't be undercooked... but I think I measured the spice wrong and didn't put enough in...
have neither ice cream or whipped cream for it.
Am a failure of a pie maker. I think it's some Lenten curse.

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