Friday, February 29, 2008

regarding Armisen and Obama

So apparently there's been a huge brouhaha about Armisen playing Obama because he's "white" and Obama is "black."

OK. FIRST OF ALL, neither of those is, genetically, quite accurate. Both are of mixed-race backgrounds (Armisen's Japanese among other things). Second of all, Armisen does a great Obama.

So while people have every right to be irritated by the lack of diversity on SNL, there is no connective tissue between the two. I can't think of a single African-American actor on SNL since its inception who would have done it as well (Tim Meadows might have been okay, but Maya Rudolph would have been better than any man). Women play men and men play women, and actors have played other races before. That just shouldn't be an issue.

However, there should definitely be more women on SNL, and not everyone should be "white."

And I say this finding Fred Armisen to be one of the creepiest human beings alive.

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