Sunday, February 24, 2008

o so oscary

I'ma gonna clear things up. When I said Las Vegas was dead, I meant the show on NBC. The actual city, for all I know, is alive.

Am reading things for other people. Finished up an application for a fellowship that I didn't realize was due Thursday. Luckily I'll be dropping the application at a post office literally on the same street (but on the other side of the 5) as the studio.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. It was a very adult thing for me to do. I find it something of a challenge to be consistently adult. A daily challenge, actually.

I love Trader Joe's frozen pizza. So far I like it more than any other pizza served in the Valley. Also, it's much cheaper.

I'm not particularly interested in the Oscars tonight. I'm in the same town as all this, and I'm just not interested. I haven't seen There Will Be Blood, and I have all this animosity towards Juno that I'm sure is partly just me being jealous, but mostly upsetting because so many people don't understand how postured it is. And I'm not one of those rabidly anti-McSweeney's people either who resent a certain kind of humor because they don't get it or because they think it's a bunch of self-absorbed Brooklynites succeeding too young. I can't really explain it. Some things just rub you wrong, I guess.

Anyhow, I'm of the No Country for Old Men school, and I hope it wins Best Supporting Actor, Film and Director. Though I did love Tom Wilkinson's work. I didn't see The Savages or Elizabeth: The Golden Age, but Marion Cotillard was pretty amazing in La Vie En Rose. Best Supporting Actress should go to Ronan, but it won't. I love Cate Blanchett, so I'm not too sad she's probably going to win for a truly unpleasant film. If Ruby Dee wins, I'll be annoyed. Best Actor is tougher. I'm sad Josh Brolin and Denzel got overlooked. Eastern Promises was just absurd in its portrayal of Russians. But Daniel Day-Lewis is a lock, so good for him. He scares the crap out of me, let's keep him happy.

Best Adapted Screenplay will probably (and deservedly) go to the Coens, though everyone should commend Sarah Polley on her awesomeness. Best Screenplay will probably go to her . But let's talk about the others. Though I enjoyed the film immensely, Michael Clayton was just a bit too long in the tooth and not so original that I would give it to them. Lars and the Real Girl was wonderfully original, but it sympathized too much with a freak for, I think, many voters. I haven't seen The Savages, but I'm sure it's amazing, deserving, and will remain under-appreciated. That leaves Ratatouille, which is pretty awesome. I know most people think it will beat Persepolis in the animated category, but I'm not so sure. It would be nice if both won something.

So the films I haven't seen and still need to AND want to The Savages, The Assassination of Jesse James, There Will Be Blood, and In the Valley of Elah and will do so as soon as the library has them in stock.

But I'm not gonna liveblog the Oscars. Other people are doing that. I don't care so much. But I do kinda wish I was in Vegas.

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