Monday, March 3, 2008

what up, g?

I had some serious bronchial infection the latter half of this past week and it wiped me out. I'm feeling much better now though. Thanks for asking!

Driving to and from Santa Monica, I briefly considered the possibility I had a brain tumor. The smell of gardenia (or some familiar flower) was overpowering. From the 405 to the Promenade, it never wavered. Same coming back. Luckily my friend was experiencing the same sensation, so unless tumors are contagious now, spring hit the Westside tonight in the form of some blossoming perfume. As I drove back the long way through the Palisades and Brentwood, the fragrance remained. It was pretty cool. And freaky. Like, it was either some amazing LA thing I don't know about, or possibly a pleasant side effect of massive pollution? I know everyone was hoping for mutants, but if all the pollution we created just happened to glom together by happenstance to form a harmless cloud of gardenia-smelling vapor, I'd be cool with that. Weirder things have happened (yo, penicillin).

Read I Am Legend. Not impressed. Read a friend's manuscript. Impressed. Watched big hunks of Children of a Lesser God for the first time. For once, I kinda dug William Hurt. Had a few hours of intense depression. Chalking it up to hormones. Watched Charlie Bartlett. Love Robert Downey, Jr. anyway. How could you not? How could anyone not? He's like your childhood concept of a hot air balloon ride. Not a real one, but a kind of animated one, where you maybe have a duel with another hot air balloon and play rock songs and eat picnics and watch shooting stars (was that the Chipmunks?). That's Robert Downey, Jr. to me.

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