Friday, May 16, 2008

fall sked

I love me some sitcoms. And I love me some CBS. But the upcoming Jay Mohr thing, Project Gary, looks like the kind of heinous that gives birth to three-headed, man-eating frogs and says, "Ah, ain't that cute?"--I mean, seriously, people.
I'm reserving judgment on NBC's Life on Mars, which is the only other pilot I've seen anything from.
I've been hearing unawesome things about Blindness and War, Inc., which is extremely disappointing. Granted, no one liked the Sabrina remake either, and I happen to be madly in love with that film, so, who knows? The last word on aesthetics had always been "platypus."
I've been making some homemade lemonade, hand-squeezed lemons and all. Should I be pasteurizing that stuff? I'm a little nervous.
Also, oyster crackers are good.

I want to go on Ellen when they're giving away some awesome prize that I just don't care about, like the XBox, and while everyone's screaming, I just, like, look really pissed. That would be fun.

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