Sunday, May 4, 2008

TV oddness and my broken passenger-side mirror

This weekend and parking was hard on me. And on my poor car. Did the Big Sunday thing, which was quite the workout.

But the fact that Standoff, which ended forever nearly a year ago here in the U.S., a good 7 months after the four people who were watching it stopped watching it, is currently airing in Australia brings a smile to my face. When I saw the commercial for it, I thought it was for The Ghost Whisperer, another show I don't watch. Oh, Australians!

I'm supremely looking forward to Brothers & Sisters tonight. Will Justin reveal his incestual desires to Rebecca? Will Ally McBeal snap Sam Seaborn's head off for no reason for the umpteenth time, at which point hubby will continue to bottle up his emotions? Will Ojai Foods implode, or will Saul do some "hard-time" in prison to both save the company and finally embrace his sexuality? Will Kevin stop whining and that other brother start being interesting? Will everyone eat dinner and start shouting? Gee, I hope so.

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