Saturday, May 31, 2008

French Open and tempting diabetes

So I managed not to spend my ENTIRE day watching the French Open. Sad to see Ancic go, though. He's a good player, but Federer was having his one of his "I'm the greatest player in the world" days. You know, like the Williams sisters had a billion years ago.

Then Melrose for sweets.
Had a scoop of Oreo Mascarpone at Scoops. Tried the Chocolate Porto, but no me gusta.
As you may know if you were on Melrose today, a good hunk of it was under construction, which was a pain.
Went to Mel and Rose, a wine and fine foods store to buy some Amedei chocolate I'd heard divine things about -- Porcelana. I had a bite of it today, and it wasn't my thing. Maybe that will change.
Then I went to Sweet Lady Jane and bought a croissant and a chocolate tiramisu (I know, I know, the day of a billion calories). I took a bite of the tiramisu, but it's in the fridge now (I don't know why I bought tiramisu--I don't really like tiramisu) and ate the croissant. Then I went to Target and bought ramekins.

Earlier in the day I went to Studio City and got some tumblers at Pier One for cheap (coupon plus clearance equals $1 glasses!) and a seven-layer bar from Big Sugar. I'm not a big fan of their cupcakes, but the bar was incroyable, probably because of the massive amount of coconut.

I did a little writing, a little walking (for that croissant, ice cream, and coconut bar), and made an incredible tuna, carrot, spinach, and shredded Mexican cheese sandwich on toasted pita bread -- sprouts would have probably made it better, but it was still rocking.

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