Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday la la la

Bitchin' brunch this morning with the old roommate at Du-Par's. Scrambled egg whites, hash browns (flat and hard on top, lumpy on bottom, just like they ought to be), and a biscuit. It was like heaven's brunch. Mm.
The New York Times has a little Q&A with Cynthia Nixon called, and I kid you not, "Chick Crit." No red flags, copy editors, not a one? Still, you should read the Q&A for its scintillating questions on why falling in love with a woman is awesome ("you can use the same bathroom in movie theaters!").
So back some time ago, I wrote that I read the Margot at the Wedding script and was unimpressed. I finally watched the movie today, just to see if it was just me not connecting with the page or something. But, boy, is Margot a nothing film. There are shows on HGTV more involving. So forgettable, it's quite stunning. I think the only thing that's held my interest has been the poster for the film. Something about Nicole Kidman's hat got me.
Okay, now I must get to work. Boy is getting stuff done hard at the moment.
Ooh, and I can't wait to talk about House on Monday. It's a "can't-miss" episode. Watch it.

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