Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man, etc.

Despite the trouble I had before and after the movie (best be forgotten), I couldn't have been more pleased watching Iron Man. RDJ's a rock star, and the film was quite well done... except... it's mostly introduction. I mean, great-ass introduction, but it's a little weird that Tony Stark's biggest nemesis isn't either the Afghani wannabe or Obadiah, but his former self, really, and the evil he brought into the world. Actually, the majority of the film is about the outfit, tests and trials, which is enjoyable, but it's the making of a hero who doesn't really have to overcome much. He's rich, he's brilliant, so even when he's in trouble or injured, he's not really going through much. He doesn't really lose anyone (yeah, he's an orphan, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal), except one person, and while it's sad, it's not, like, ruinous. I feel like Tony Stark hurts Tony Stark (both physically and emotionally) more than anyone else. But, okay, I haven't read the comic books. I probably don't know what I'm talking about. Despite these structural curios (I'm not gonna say flaws because it's only a flaw if the film sucks), I enjoyed the film immensely. It's about time someone RDJ got Depped. Also, Jon Favreau's a great director. Never forget.

Went to Glendale to a Valley-version of the Grove. The fountain was nice. But there was a creepy gold statue in the middle of it all, which was a little Dionysian and cheaply gaudy.

Watched the Oprah interview with Mr. Cruise. He reminds me of a relative who will remain nameless. Not in any way that's good.

Trying to break down a new spec episode since my 30 Rock is officially obsolete. The ABC fellowship application, however, is not online yet. I want to enter one or two other programs but it's not gonna happen I think. The goal now is to finish a good spec for the Austin Film Festival. Sigh. This is going to be a rough month. YOU have no idea.

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